For the past 8 years, Healthquest Mobile — our first smartphone app — has been helping physicians access their vital patient information anywhere they happen to be practicing.

In 1380, Chaucer wrote that “all good things must come to an end.” And 640 years later, that phrase remains just as true.

On May 1, 2019, Healthquest Mobile will officially retire, paving the way for our newest mobile app: Healthquest Online (HQO). While the old Healthquest Mobile app will continue to work, Microquest will no longer be actively developing Healthquest Mobile. All the latest updates and amazing new features will be reserved for the new HQO app.

With the HQO app, you can access vital Healthquest information and powerful Healthquest features on any tablet or smartphone. View your upcoming appointments, access a patient’s client card and chart summary, send billing chits to your clinic via your mobile device, and dictate notes directly into Healthquest.

We’ve spent the past few years developing the HQO app from the design and features of Healthquest Mobile. The HQO app is easier to use, with a cleaner look, and we’re confident all our current Healthquest Mobile users will love the new HQO app.

For more information on the HQO app, check out the Healthquest website.

Want to switch to the HQO app? Contact your sales representative today