dr2dr now provides integration with Healthquest: access patient information, attach documents, connect to Netcare, and claim the Alberta Health 03.1O and 03.01R fee codes.

If you’re in the middle of a dr2dr conversation and require information about a patient, the new integration features allow you to access the patient’s chart and client card in Healthquest from within dr2dr.

From there you can attach chart notes, scans, letters, forms, lab results, or any other documents to the dr2dr conversation; everything you will need to complete the patient care cycle.

When you’re finished, click the bill icon on the patient’s card in dr2dr, and Healthquest will load the Claim Entry window, where you can bill the Alberta Health 03.01O and 03.01R fee codes.

To get dr2dr set up in Healthquest, please contact our technical support department or your client services representative.