For two decades, Microquest has produced great software for physicians, and for two decades Microquest employees have had an awesome time doing it.

So, without further ado, here are the top eight reasons that Microquest is a great place to work.

Unlimited K-Cups!

Good coffee can sometimes make the difference between a blah work day and an I-AM-SO-EXCITED-TO-WORK day. We have both a Keurig brewing system and a pop fridge stocked with basically every carbonated beverage that you could ever want.

And yes, those aren't k-cups, but the principle is the same. 

Image: (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Simon_G999

Casual Dress

No ties allowed, jeans encouraged! Although we do ask that you wear pants.
And maybe not your Empire Strikes Back t-shirt if you are going to meet clients.

All-Star Employees

We’re pretty proud of our employees: our VP and several of our developers run marathons, and our staff sometimes participates in runs like Mud Hero together.

The Most Fun You'll Have This Side of The Mississippi 

Microquest employees work hard, play hard, and nerd hard.

We also have regular social events, and our Christmas party is legendary.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Simply put, we’ll make sure that you have the hardware that you need to do your job. We make sure that our programmers, tech support and client services representatives have fast machines and big double monitors.

Flexible Schedules

Are you an early riser or a night owl? Microquest accommodates both, because we have flex time! Unless you are in Tech Support, Microquest employees have a choice of coming in any time between 7:30 and 9:30 am, and so are able to leave from between 4 to 6 pm.

Educational Opportunities

Microquest believes in its employees, which is why we have a fund to support professional development. In the past, our employees have attended conferences and workshops, and participated in online courses.

Minimal Bureaucracy

The first rule in our company manual is “No politics.” At Microquest, we hate bureaucracy: we don’t like paperwork and the delays and inefficiencies caused by layers of middlemen. We strive to operate as efficiently and personably as possible, so we work in small teams and have a monthly staff luncheon. The staff luncheon (as well as being delicious) reduces bureaucracy because it is a time for us to get on the same page while stuffing our faces.

The Work

Our developers find the work here intellectually stimulating.

Dana says: “In terms of the work itself, it’s really cool to work with a well-established program like Healthquest. It’s got huge amounts of code because it’s been worked on so long, and I like finding bugs and seeing how they interact with the rest of the code.” The people are what she likes best about work here, however.

J. Cabral, a senior developer, says: “It’s great to work at a place where you are given leeway to do tasks independently, and any resources you need are provided. As well, the company is less compartmentalized than others; there is more interdepartmental knowledge.

Developers get to do more than just programming. We sometimes conduct site visits, so we also learn a bit about networking, marketing, and conducting training. And we get to see the clients, which reduces information filtering: we don’t always learn about the problems clients are having through Support, we sometimes see them in person. And other departments learn other skills, too. Support knows SQL, and none of them did when they got there. It’s good to work with people who like to learn new things.”

Our employee satisfaction is reflected in the fact that over third of our employees have worked here for ten or more years, and the average time spent at Microquest is 7.5 years.

We’re always looking for talented professionals to fill roles in our Client Services, Quality Assurance, Development, and Technical Support departments. If you are interested in working for Microquest, check our Careers.