Microquest was founded in 1993 with the vision of equipping health care professionals with the software tools they need. From our office in Edmonton, Alberta, we provide Healthquest, our electronic medical record software, and dr2dr, our secure messaging system, to clients across Canada.

Our team of dedicated wizards work tirelessly to identify and eradicate the problems that physicians face. With the click of a button, Healthquest puts patient health information, billing and appointment scheduling at your fingertips – organized, accessible, shareable, and secure. dr2dr provides physicians and specialists a secure communications platform, ensuring an instant and secure coordination of care for your patients.

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In our quest to provide you with the world's premier practice management software, Microquest has proudly partnered with the following companies:



F12 Networks provides hardware and technical support to numerous Microquest clients. In partnership with F12 Networks, Healthquest can also be provided as an Application Service Provider (ASP) solution, eliminating the need for a local server.




SAP is the creator of SAP® SQL Anywhere®, the database utilized by Healthquest. Microquest has partnered with SAP to provide discounted SAP® SQL Anywhere® licenses for all Healthquest users.