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How can Healthquest save me money?
Think of all the paper that is wasted though faxing and printing patient charts. With Healthquest, you can have a completely paperless office, saving you thousands of dollars, to say nothing of the money you’ll save through the increased efficiency that Healthquest provides through its many time-saving features.

How can Healthquest save me time?
At Microquest, it’s our top priority to make Healthquest as easy as possible to use. This means that you have lightning-fast access to all of your data and patient information. Healthquest lets you spend less time on the computer and more time with your patients.

How can Healthquest increase efficiency?
Why create documents from scratch every time you need them? With Healthquest, you can create templates for all of your commonly used items. Constantly requesting lab requisitions? Create a template for them and then just print – Healthquest takes care of the rest. When it comes time to refer a patient to another practitioner, Healthquest will automatically fill patient information into your standard referral letter. All you need to do is send it off.

Does Healthquest include technical support?
Your purchase of Healthquest comes with unlimited access to our fully trained technical support staff. Technical Support is available Monday-Friday, from 0730-1800h Mountain Time. You can also e-mail Technical Support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Do I receive training with my Healthquest purchase?
Of course! Training packages can be bundled with all Healthquest purchases, or purchased separately at any time. Our Client Services Representatives will work around your schedule, ensuring that you get the best training possible at your convenience.

Can my Healthquest appointments be put on my PDA?
Healthquest can export your appointments to all PDA devices that support the vCal format. This includes devices such as Palm and Windows Mobile!

Does Healthquest help me with Alberta Health and Wellness billing?
Billing Alberta Health and Wellness can be tough. Healthquest takes the pain away, helping to minimize the amount of claim rejections that you receive. This ensures that you receive what you expect, enabling you focus on what’s actually important.

Do I need to purchase a new computer to run Healthquest?
Healthquest is compatible with a wide variety of hardware. Originally developed for Windows 3.1, Healthquest has supported every version of Windows up to and including Windows 8. If your computer was purchased within the last five years, you likely do not have to upgrade to run Healthquest. For official system requirements, please click here.

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Unrivaled Support
Microquest’s support is open Monday-Friday, from 7:30AM-6:00PM. With your Healthquest purchase, you get unlimited access to our highly trained technical support team!